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hello, I've moved to :iconlavender-iced:

i've just placed all deviations in storage. please unwatch this account! or if you're ok with getting notices of my move every day, go ahead and keep watching.

thank you <3 !
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I have moved to --> :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: (all new works will be uploaded there)
:iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced::iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced: :iconlavender-iced:

I have moved to :iconlavender-iced: so if you'd like to see new works by me, you can follow :iconlavender-iced: Heart

:'D and if you're annoyed by these constant reminders, please unwatch this account or edit your watch options to disable journals/deviations and u will never be notified againnnn woooosshhh


Journal Entry: Mon Jun 17, 2013, 8:03 PM

if you could vote on one..

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 7, 2013, 3:19 PM

For more videos click here!:heart:

I wrote down small summaries for stories I wanna do once I'm done with SS. if you'd like to read them, let me know which one would you like to read next? :3
I'm still writing down anything that I can some up with (which is new for me lol. I never wrote much for sugarstars, big mistake....that's probably why its such a mess, but oh well ;_; you learn.)

sorry I dont know how to write things... but I will keep practicing.
they arent set on stone yet, I just wish i could work on all of them at once orz

Prieys (Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Action) (on-going)
a selected few of the universe's most dangerous criminals get a second chance to re-gain their freedom.
The convicts are sent to a random planet to interact and do good within the population. for each good deed they are granted a key- that serves as a means to unlock their shackles and regain their liberty. However, this is a race against time, and only one will walk out free.

Fall Asleep to the Sound of Rain (Tragedy, Romance) (one-shot)
A boy and a girl share a strange connection after meeting once at a park, that connection causes them to meet during their dreams.
No long summary for this one, since it would spoil the story.

Double Stage (Slice of Life, Romance, Drama, Comedy) (on-going)
Twin brothers struggle to come into terms with what they are good at vs what they aspire to become.
when one twin has natural talent yet no desire for singing, while the other has no talent, yet infinate love for the same thing, one will push the other into a career he does not want.

Loop (Sci-fi, Slice of life, Tragedy) (probably one-shot not sure yet)
A young woman wakes up stranded in a rural area with no memories of who she is, where she came from, or how she got there. a small recently orphaned girl finds her, together they try to get back on their feet, and help eachother on.

I dropped heart-seasons because of reasonssss, but I'll probably come up with another story for them anyway.

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